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We aspire to bring the positive change for the young generation to be street-smart at a global level. We start from our root with the young generation from Indonesia; having the intention to serve globally when we could expand our reach and impact.

bGrit was born from this aspiration in the form of a strategic partnership between Sinergia Group Indonesia and Shannon Pte. Ltd.

Gritty Bee

Our flagship product is Gritty Bee, an AI-based chatbot that is easily accessible through Telegram and WhatsApp. Through this channel, we want to engage our audience with micro-learning mindset, where they will be able to initiate the conversation on virtually any topic, as well as receiving well curated contents from our team and education partners.

People transform with us as a trusted facilitator.

🦋⏱️  We transform ourselves, our clients, and all fellows through a FAST environment: Fun, Agile, Simple & Timely.

🙏🏼💡  We strive for meaningful life with PICT values: Positive, Inspirative, Creative & Transformative.

🎨📱  We use Art and Technologies to facilitate people transformation.

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