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Frequently asked questions


When do people reach out to you?

People often contact us when they have a specific pain point in their business and face challenges in addressing it. Some already had a solution idea in mind but not sure how to start, while others are not sure on what to do.


What are the examples of your business services?

Depending on the industry, the current growth phase and the team already in place, companies face different challenges from one another. However, there are common patterns such as: defining/refining strategy and the accompanying tactics, planning for business resilience, improving go-to-market execution, etc. We support them with process and framework to address those points in a structured and repeatable manner.


What are the examples of your technology services?

On the technology front, we support clients by first providing the clarity of their technology landscape and to evaluate that against their aspirations. It is then followed by providing recommendation based on combination of desk-research and discovery within their organisation. We will then be able to provide recommendation and start co-creating the solution. In some cases, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and utilising off-the-shelf solutions makes more sense. For example to have a single pane of glass for Cloud FinOps infrastructure in organisation.


What are the example of your people services?

Various programmes from team building to personal development and executive coaching. For Indonesia context, we also support companies that are looking to get expert guidance on how to design and operate broad range of HR responsibility from attracting the right talent, to compensation management and managing HR policy that is compliance with local regulation.


How do I choose the right engagement model?

If you are not familiar with external consultant engagement, it could be paralysing to choose which model suits you best. Reach out to us to have non obligatory discussion and we can guide with your selection.


How do I get most value out of retainer engagement model?

While we do our best to co-create values as we could, your active engagement will go a long way. It doesn’t mean hand-holding or spoon-feeding. On the contrary, let us know your desired outcome, your preferred process, and we’ll make sure it gets done. However, get ready to be challenged from time to time with our fresh perspective. This is our responsibility and commitment as trusted advisor.


Can you develop bespoke technical solution?

In short, yes we can. However, during the discovery and design process, we will explore the typical options: leverage on available off-the-shelf solutions, or use proven open-source as a baseline, or develop the required bespoke solution.


Is it possible to have a trial period for SaaS solution?

Yes, we can discuss and craft the win-win solution for everyone. A trial period for the SaaS solution alone might not be the most optimised option to experience the value. We can design the engagement as such that you will be able to make an informed decision for the continuation.


What people say

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with awesome people in the journey of continuous learning and value creation. Their feedback energised and motivated us to keep going. We are grateful and proud to be part of their stories.

Karen Ho
Senior CSM @ Synopsys

A very pleasant and good boss to work with!

"I get to work under Kiky together with 3 of my colleagues for about a year. It was really a great experience working under him. Kiky is a reasonable and approachable team leader and he never fail to recognize each individual's strength and achievement in the team. A very pleasant and good boss to work with!"

Stephane Fabre
Head of Sales @ Thales

I would work with him again anytime!

"Kiky is a great professional, always rigorous and sharp in his analysis. Don't know about anybody who would dislike working with him; I would personally be delighted to work with him again anytime!"

Quan Hong Doan
Solutions Architect @ Ford

I had been lucky to work with Kiky.

β€œKiky knows very well how to manage the teams, successfully carrying out the execution or keeping an eye on the individual and overall processes to meet the targeted objectives together with the groups. He is not just a manager; he is also a right leader, a visionary mentor and a good friend. Throughout challenges, obstacles, he is still consistently proving how to work toward and to achieve the goal.”

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