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about us

Connecting dots,
designing solutions,
solving problems.

It is our forte and we are here to co-create values with you.

We are courageous yet serene, authentic yet empathetic, thoughtful yet playful, sophisticated yet simple. We are all about balance and perspective.

- Shannon Pte. Ltd. | UEN : 202303834G -

our social promise

Paying it forward

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." - Mother Teresa

Right from the start of our journey, 1% of our revenue is directed to create positive impact and inspire young generation to be street-smart at global level.

Currently we partner with Dei Providentia Foundation in Indonesia to help us paying it forward by providing scholarships to selected high-potential university students that are committed to follow the leadership programme.

Our aspiration is to provide more choices for clients to decide based on their preference. Stay tuned!


What we believe in

Our values are inspired by archetypes akin to Knight, Queen, Bishop and King in chess. Each archetype has different energy, strength and focus. We apply this philosophy in our approach for complex problem solving.

By observing, aligning and acting based on these energies, we bring an authentic experience to our engagement. We always aim to create positive impact that last.

Authentic by intent

The Knight

Being authentic in its move, it has tremendous energy with the relentless intent to push through.

Yearning for growth

The Queen

Being the strongest compared to the rest, yet always loving, caring and protecting others to grow.

Knowledge for sharing

The Bishop

Moving diagonally and thinking creatively, it will always find the way and share the knowledge.

Serene with experience

The King

Serenity comes with the experience. It has no fear, only power and strength to serve others.

our story

It’s about time

After more than 20 years of continuous learning from colleagues, mentors, partners and clients in the corporate life, it was finally time to start the new and long postponed journey as entrepreneur in 2023.

Trailblazing the way forward with the intent to share knowledge and sincerely serve others, it is our conviction that people will get the positive impact and benefit throughout-and-beyond the engagement with us.

Having learnt from the experience that change is the only constant, the key to keep growing is through grit: guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity. We look forward to apply it in working with you and be part of your success stories!

Founder & Director
Shannon Pte. Ltd.


What people say

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with awesome people in the journey of continuous learning and value creation. Their feedback energised and motivated us to keep going. We are grateful and proud to be part of their stories.

Tan Teik Guan
CEO @ pQCee

Successful retention of our employees and customers.

"As the integration manager, Kiky had to handle the expectations and demands of both companies, Gemalto as the parent company, and DS3 as the company being acquired. Kiky displayed a high degree of professionalism and great attention to detail, resulting in the successful retention of our employees and customers."

Vincent Veran
Sales Director @ Thales

I had the pleasure to have Kiky in my sales team.

"I had the pleasure to have Kiky in my sales team. Kiky was a very good solution sales: friendly, great listening skills (listen to customers), creativity (to propose out of the box ideas to solve customers pain point), undisputed technical understanding. He overachieved his targets. Well done & thank you."

Kevin Lin
Lead Architect @ Zuhlke

I can't recommend him highly enough.

"Kiky got a fantastic business sense and always impresses me with his ability to handle complex situations. He's energetic, people-oriented, and a great colleague to work with. It has been a true pleasure working with Kiky, and I have no doubt that he'll continue to excel in any role he takes on."

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