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AI - whether you think it is useful or useless, you are right!

AI - whether you think it is useful or useless, you are right!

How useful has AI been for you?

First things first, let agree on what useful mean, shall we?

  • Does it make your day to day task easier?
  • Does it help you to remove your mental block?
  • How much inspiration did you get when it generates an image for you?
  • Does it help you make money?
  • Perhaps it is a good sounding board with its natural language capability?
Here is the definition found in Google.

How useful do you want it to be?

I did some tinkering in the past few weeks, with the idea to leverage the power of AI to amplify the value of my business consulting venture.

The first one was to leverage on GPT-3 power to have an AI Assistant that can be accessed over WhatsApp for my clients. We already know what is coming: disruption of all sorts for consultants, coaches, counsellors, programmers, and so on. Instead of being scared about it or pretending that it’s not going to affect us in any way, why don’t we use it to amplify our values?

In the context of consultancy, I believe people should be able to get some insights - to a certain extent - in a guided manner.

There will be a point that is relative to each individual, where an actual conversation and exchange between two people is irreplaceable. The idea is to achieve more seamless conversation since some of the basic concerns have been addressed. See the example in this video.

Just like any AI being at the moment, he is still like a toddler with some unpredictable behaviour - yet being genius at the same time.

From that first result, I connect more dots and did the second tinkering… this time around connecting Siri on my Apple devices into our AI Assistant.

So borrowing from the common adage… ”AI - whether you think it is useful or useless, you are right!”.

Author - Kiky Shannon


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